Hosiery is an understated essential in our wardrobe. It helps keep our shoes free of odours by adding a layer of protection and adds a bit of style to our outfits. It is no exception with sockettes.  Your local supermarket may stock sockettes, but these are types that are best left unnoticed and a reason ‘no show socks’ term was devised – who wants to see nude or black nylon sockettes poking out from their high heels or ballet flats? Not a good look.

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This is where ‘Fun on your feet’ comes to the rescue. Not only is it now possible to have colours to add a point of difference to your hosiery selection, but these styles actually look better poking out from heels or flats! Custom-made and cute sockettes are accessible at your fingertips.

Now it’s time for your hosiery to ‘come out’.

Points of difference

The added advantage of some styles showing above the shoe line actually helps to keep those sockettes up. Gone are the days of stopping mid-step to adjust the sockette that just rolled halfway down your foot and made an uncomfortable lump in your arches. The higher heel and low cut side profile are suited to both high heel and flat shoes. Different colours are available, as well as different sizes which are custom made up to a size 11 Australian women’s shoe size.

Our sockettes are made of quality fabrics: stretchable denim, elasticized lace and cotton blends. The range covers basic styles (see Lyra), colours (check out Tightrope) and more intricate styles (Trapeze and Cloud Swing). Fun on your feet is your sockette specialty store, especially for ladies with a penchant for feminine fashion accessories.


New to the Australian online market are our Trapeze style with cushioned support for the balls of your feet. This gives additional comfort to wearing high heels with the advantage of not having to transfer gel padding to each shoe.


Let the convenience of online shopping for hosiery be your choice for keeping up your stock of hosiery, delivered straight to your door.  Sockettes (footlets or footies, as some manufacturers label them) are available in several department stores, but don’t pay department store prices.